Digitalization has changed the world and will change it again in the near future. Higher education institutions must therefore train students to seize the new opportunities and to avoid the pitfalls of a hyper-dynamic job market. Inspired by this vision, the University of Lucerne is taking up this challenge by strongly expanding its training offer in digital skills.

Also, we initiated LUMACSS – the Lucerne Master in Computational Social Sciences –, an interdisciplinary master’s programme designed to equip its graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the main social challenges of the digital age.

It is our pleasure to announce this LUMACSS launch conference – an event open to all students, researchers, faculty and the interested public. The conference will encompass five panels, two input reflections and three main sections: 1) debates in the scientific community on Computational Social Sciences and digitalization, 2) challenges faced by – and opportunities offered to - practitioners in the digital age, and 3) the perspective of the state.

We are proud to welcome a wide range of international experts from academia, the private sector and the public sector at the University of Lucerne for this launch conference and we are looking forward to their contributions.

Prof. Dr. Alexander H. Trechsel
Prof. Dr. Sophie Mützel
PD Dr. Mira Burri
Dr. Andrea De Angelis

Programme of the Conference

Date: 11.11.2019
Room: HS 10

Flyer LUMACSS Launch Conference

9:00-­9:30 Welcome

Part 1: Debates in the Scientific Community

9:30-­10:15 Panel 1: Computational Social Sciences

10:15-­11:00 Panel 2: Law, Social Sciences and Digitalization

11:00-­11:30 Coffee break (all participants)

11:30-­12:15 Panel 3: National and Transnational Research in Europe

12:15-­13:45 Lunch for speakers, chairs and invited guests

Part 2: Challenges Faced by Practitioners

13:45-­14:30 Panel 4: The International Level

14:30-­15:15 Panel 5: The Private Sector

  • Philomena Colatrella (CEO, CSS Group)
  • Patrizia Pesenti (Vice-­Chairwoman, Boards of Directors at Credit Suisse Switzerland, member of the Steering Committee of, member of the University Council, University of Lucerne)
  • Chair: Dr. Felix Howald (Director, Industrie-­ und Handelskammer Zentralschweiz IHZ)

15:15-­15:45 Coffee break (all participants)

Part 3: The State

15:45-­16:15 The Governmental Perspective

16:15-­16:45 The Future of Government in a World of Big Data

16:45-­17:00 Closure

17:00-­18:00 Reception (all participants)

18:30-­ Dinner for speakers, chairs and invited guests