In the Department GWM a registration for the exams and reviews via UniPortalis mandatory. This also applies to students of other faculties who attend courses of the GWM. Without registration it is not possible to take an exam and earn credits.

All course contents can be accessed via moodle (registration via switchAAI). Enrolment is done automatically as soon as you click on a course - via "self-enrolment". Enrolment on moodle is not binding.

Examination session Fall Term 2020

Unless otherwise communicated in the individual courses or by the administration, the following dates and times apply (the type of examination and duration of the examination are determined by the lecturers and announced in the examination schedule, so that extraordinary examination dates and registration deadlines are possible)

Update November 2020: Due to the current epidemiological situation, written exams will take place in a digital mode. There will be no exams at the University.

Digital Exams Fall Term 2020

Registration Master Procedure: until 15 October 2020
Registration/ de-registration: 29 October to 9 December 2020 (prolonged deadline)
Examination session Fall Term 20: 01 February to 12 February 2021
Retake exams Spring Term 20: 15 February to 19 February 2021         


Examination session Spring Term 2021

Registration/ de-registration: 8 April to 22 April 2021
Oral Master's Examination: 7 June to 18 June 2021
Examination session Spring Term 21: 7 June to 18 June 2021
Retake exams Fall Term 20: 7 June to 11 June 


Compensation for disadvantages:

University guidelines for the recognition of the entitlement for fall semester 20

Disadvantage compensation


a) Proof of corona-related military, civil defence or community service lasting more than 22 days or medical assistance service

b) Credible evidence of being prevented from studying for more than 15/20 hours per week due to corona-related care obligations like childcare

Please send written applications by 11 January 2021 to; to the attention of the Study and Examination Board.


Hardship regulations for failed examinations in Spring 2020:

In accordance with the study and examination regulations MSc Health Sciences, students can apply for recognition of hardship cases by submitting a written application to the Head of the Department under the hardship case regulations.

Such hardship procedures require an individualized examination of each case and, if the hardship case is recognized, can lead to individual, tailor-made solutions.

Individualized, case-by-case solutions may include, for example, the creation of a prompt repeat examination (so that students do not have to wait a whole academic year for the possibility of repeating the examination), the disregard of malus credits only in those cases in which a failed attempt in FS 2020 leads to the achievement of the credit malus requirement (according the MSc Health Sciences Study and examination regulations, §25), or the extension of deadlines for submission of written papers.