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28th June 2019
Comparative HRM: Meeting of the CRANET Network of international HRM scholars in Lucerne

On the 24th and 25th of June 2019 the Cranet network of scholars in HRM met at the University of Lucerne to discuss network development and engage in research dialog.

17th June 2019
One year EU data protection basic regulation: First experiences and outlook

This year's Lucerne Law & IT Summit (LITS) on 28 May was dominated by the new EU Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO). The first practical experience reports one year after the DSGVO became applicable were the focus of the presentations.

20th May 2019
8th Lucerne Law and Economics Conference: «Consumer Law and Economics»

The 8th Lucerne Law and Economics Conference took place on the 29th – 30th of March 2019 on the topic "Consumer Law and Economics" and was carried out in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame. Keynote speakers were Prof. Omri Ben-Shahar, The University of Chicago Law School, Prof. Florencia Marotta-Wurgler, New York University Law School, and Professor Avishalom Tor, University of Notre Dame Law School.

26th April 2019
Transportation Law on the Move: Challenges in the Modern Logistics World

The Competency Center for Logistics and Transport Law (KOLT) held a two-day conference at University of Lucerne under the heading «Transportation Law on the Move: Challenges in the Modern Logistics World». The conference, co-chaired by Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer and PD Dr. Viola Heutger, was held on 25th/26th of April 2019 with 20 speakers and several guests from 6 different countries. The speakers were internationally recognized academic experts in transportation law and practitioners in leading positions. The participants shared their experience, analysis and visions on modern national and international transportation law embedded in a modern logistics and supply chain management.

17th November 2018
"Big Data" fordert das globale Handelsrecht heraus

Am 16. und 17. November fand an der Universität Luzern die Konferenz "Big Data and Global Trade Law" statt. Sie wurde von PD Dr. Mira Burri im Rahmen des Forschungsprojekts "The Governance of Big Data in Trade Agreements" organisiert. Das Projekt ist Teil des Nationalen Forschungsprogramms (NFP) 75 "Big Data" und wird vom Schweizerischen Nationalfonds (SNF) unterstützt.