12th December 2020
Corona: cancellation of workplaces, earlier evening closing

In order to contain the Corona pandemic, the Federal Council and the Canton of Lucerne have decided on more stringent measures. Among other things, this means that only loans are possible at the ZHB location Uni/PH and that the library and building will close earlier.

9th December 2020
EU funding for research in digital trade law

Dr. Mira Burri has become the first researcher at the University of Lucerne to receive a grant from the European Research Council (ERC). With this grant in the amount of 1.6 million euros, she will investigate the effects of the data-driven economy on international trade law.

13th November 2020
Weitere Förderung des "Schweizer HR-Barometer"

Der "Schweizer Human-Relations-Barometer" misst regelmässig die Einstellungen, Wahrnehmungen, Stimmungen und Absichten von Beschäftigten in der Schweiz. Für den Zeitraum 2021 bis 2024 wurde erneut ein Förderbeitrag des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds (SNF) gesprochen.

21st October 2020
Corona: Prof. Dr. Stefan Boes elected to expert group

The "Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force" advises the authorities in connection with the corona pandemic. Now Prof. Dr. Stefan Boes, Professor of Health Economics, has been appointed as a member of the expert group "Economics".

The Swiss HR Barometer will be published for the eleventh time in 2020.
7th October 2020
Job satisfaction decreases with digitisation

This year’s Swiss HR Barometer combines two major trends: digitisation, and an aging society. Almost 40 percent of those surveyed can imagine working beyond retirement age. Job satisfaction decreases as digitisation of an employee’s tasks increases.

1st October 2020
"Pathway of the University": journey through 400 years

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the University of Lucerne realized a guided tour through the city of Lucerne. In an informative and entertaining way, this tour presents important milestones in the rocky road that led to the founding of the University on October 1, 2000.

21st September 2020
Global ethical discourse at the University of Lucerne

The next "Lucerne Summer University: Ethics in a Global Context LSUE" will take place in summer 2021. Now the first lecturers are known – including the President of the ICRC, Peter Maurer, and Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo. Registration is possible from now on.

18th September 2020
Surveillance of cancer-related fatigue

An international team under the co-lead of members of the University of Lucerne have developed recommendations for the surveillance of cancer-related fatigue. These recommendations will contribute to improving health and quality of life of survivors of childhood, adolescent and young adult cancers.

25th June 2020
Best published PhD Article Award 2020

Kathryn Dawson-Townsend won the SSPH+ "Best published PhD Article Award” 2020.

24th June 2020
Flexworker - motives, opportunities and challenges

There are many reasons why people choose flexible forms of work. The high level of flexibility offers many possibilities, but also requires personal responsibility. This is shown in a study by Dr. Lea Rutishauser and Dr. Anja Feierabend on motives, opportunities and challenges of flexworkers.


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