• Tomorrow’s business leaders need to be able to navigate and shape tomorrow’s markets. At the University of Lucerne, we believe that the best way to prepare students for the future is to provide them with a broad theoretical knowledge foundation in economics and management alike. To this end, we designed the BA program in Economics and Management
  • Our specialized MA program in market-oriented management provides future business leaders with an in-depth training in all aspects of management – from business and data analytics to strategy formulation, to management implementation
  • Taught by our award-winning faculty members, students learn in a number of innovative and small-group teaching formats how to structure and analyze even the most challenging problems for businesses, and to use modern data science methods to address them
  • We assure a high academic rigor and practical relevance of our programs through industry guest speakers in lectures, use of the case teaching method, and teaching co-operations, such as practice-oriented BA and MA theses, and business challenges, in which students develop real solutions for real problems in real organizations. To assure a high awareness for social responsibility among our students, we frequently also cooperate with non-profit and humanitarian organizations


Antonio Govetosa, Director Corporate Affairs Heineken Schweiz

"Through its business-relevant education, the faculty of economics and management provides clear added value for the local businesses in Lucerne and Central Switzerland. Based on a broad theoretical foundation, the students are able to analyze and address even the most challenging business problems. Our first-hand experience with the Eichhof Marketing Challenge leaves no doubt about this."

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